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  1. Lake Fever

From the recording Lake Fever


We're bathed in the shallows
Im drunk from the way
your body is swallowed
as your breath hesitates

Theres no-one to notice
theres not a stitch on our bones
the sun dives into the trees go
we're far from the shaddowless roads

we're bathed in the shallows (oh the lake fever)
Im drunk from the way (oh the lake fever)
your body is swallowed(oh the lake fever)
and your breath hesitates(oh the lake fever)

We're lost in the bonfire
where we bare all our truth
bound by a bottle of highproof desire
we'll wade in till our worries pull loose

I saw a ripple of love when (the dog days of caution)
your innocence showed (and thrown to the wind with our clothes)
as we tore down the same shrouds of white lace and cotton
and into the darkeness we dove